Book Family photography session in Anchorage, Alaska

Are you looking for the perfect way to capture your family in the beautiful scenery of Anchorage, Alaska?

Order a family photo session today, and let’s create the perfect memories for your family!

I offer a wide range of packages to suit your needs, ranging from short 30-minute sessions.

I will capture beautiful pictures of your family and amazing views of Alaska.

Let me show you the beauty of Anchorage and help you keep unforgettable memories of your family.

Contact me today to book a session!

Family photoshoot in Alaska

Consider a family photoshoot in Alaska if you’re looking to capture your family’s memories. Imagine posing against snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear glaciers. Enjoy the unique beauty of Alaska’s wildlife, its rugged shorelines, and wildflower meadows. Alaska’s stunning mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, and lush forests will be a picturesque backdrop to your one-of-a-kind family portrait. You can take a family photoshoot in Alaska to turn each precious moment into a lifelong memory.

01. Prints/Art work

I show options for prints, including albums and wall art. Before the session, I plan on the correct format and colors to highlight your house design.

02. Fast delivery

I edit and prepare pictures in 3-5 days, so you don’t need to wait. It’s possible because I prioritize my clients and don’t procrastinate. 

03. Personal style

I prefer to meet or make a call before discussing the style you’re looking for so I can prepare the right light and we can work on the outfits etc.

04. Meaningful pictures

I show your personality. Real emotions, things you love to do, so together, we create unique memories.

Price list for Family photo sessions in Anchorage

Capture beautiful family memories with our family photo sessions in Anchorage!

I work with you to help create the perfect photoshoot that captures your family’s unique personalities and relationships.

I will guide you through every step, from choosing a location to finding the proper poses and backdrops to make your family look great.

I guarantee you’ll get stunning photos you’ll treasure for years.

  • Mini session

    It's NOT a mini-session, combined with the others side-to side.I still plan the time and the location personal with you.
    Outside or in my studio - your choice
    30-40 minutes of coverage
    15-20 edited pictures
    Preparation: pre-session pdf file with tips, help to choose outfits, and recommendations about the location.
  • Basic package

    Outside or in my studio - your choice
    60 minutes of coverage
    30+ edited pictures
    Meeting prior to session with planning and getting to know each other.
    Preparation: pre-session pdf file with tips, help to choose outfits, and recommendations about the location.
  • Family reunion

    Three hours of coverage
    200+ edited pictures

Gallery of Family pictures

Locations and extra services


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